A petition to save Walnut Canyon AZ from future development

This is is the text from an email I received from Photographer and Environmentalist Bruce Barnbaum. He also happens to be a friend of mine. 

" Walnut Canyon. One of the folks getting these blogs is a good friend and environmental activist in Flagstaff, AZ, currently fighting to protect Walnut Canyon, a deep, awesome canyon that is within the city limits. I’ve taken workshop groups into Walnut Canyon, and can tell you that this remarkable canyon is worthy of park status, yet is vulnerable to development. Not only is it eye-popping from the landscape point of view, but it also contains artifacts of ancient Anasazi occupation from hundreds—perhaps thousands of years ago. So it is not only a spectacular cleft in the landscape, but it is an archeological treasure, as well. Here is the link to a petition to support protection for Walnut Canyon:

 (NOTE: If the link doesn’t work directly, please copy and paste it into a web search. "